MA Education MCQs

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The Deoband movement used curriculum revision as ?
A. Motive

The Ulma of Deobond played a vital role in ?
Struggle for independence

The Deoband was established in ?

The salient features of Deoband movement was ?
Revival of religious spirit

The Deoband movement ignored ?

M.A.O High school was established in ?

M.A.O High school was given the rank of college in ?

Scientific society was established by ?
Sir syed Ahmad Khan

M.A.O colleghe was elevated to Aligarh university in ?

The major impact of the Aligarh movement was ?
Political training

The major objective of Aligarh movement was to promote ?
Scientific look

Jamia Millia Islamia was established on ?

Jamia Millia Islamia was established by ?
Moulana M. Ali johar

In Jamia Milllia, the medium of instruction was ?

In jamia millia , the translation of Holy Quran was taught as ?
Stage 1

Jamia Millia could not became popular among Muslims due to its oppostion to ?
Two nation theory

Jamia Millia emphasized on ?
A. Religious education
B. Science education
C. Both a and b

Anjman Himayat e Islam was established in ?

Anjman Himayat e Islam was established on ?

The founder of Anjman Hamayat e Islam was ?
Caliph Hamid ud Din
Nadva tul ulema was established on ?

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