Solved Zoology MCQs for CSS PMS

Zoology MCQs

i)What is the function of contractile vacuole?
a) Respiration b) reproduction c) osmoregulation d) digestion e) none of these

ii) specules are secreted by special mesenchymal amoebocytes called
a)scleroblasts b)microscleres c)myocytes d)collencytes e) none of these
iii) true nerve cells or ganglion cells occur for the first time in
a) protozoa b) porifera c)coelentrata d)annelida e) none of these

iv)the process by which an organism can replace its lost or damaged body parts is called
a) reformation b) regeneration c)reclamation d)reconstruction e) none of these

v) nematocysts are found in
a) protozoa b)porifera c) annelida d) mollusca e) none of these

vi) in polychaetes the locomotory organ is
a)pseudopodium b) neuropodium c) notopodium d) parapodium e) none of these

vii) worms belonging to phylum platyhelminthes are commonly known as
a)round worms b) ring worms c) segmented worms d) earth worms e) none of these
viii) bipinnaria is the larval form of
a) coelentrata b) polychaeta c) echinodermata d)cestoda e) none of these

ix)closed type of circulatory system is found in
a) platyhelminthes b) annelida c)porifera d) arthropoda e) none of these

x) the two common mosquito genera ,anopheles and culex, can be easily identified by
a)color b) flying speed c)size d) sitting posture e) none of these

xi) sweat glands are epidermal glands found in
a)all birds b) reptiles and mammals c) mammals only d)birds and reptiles e) none of these

xii)sternum is absent in
a) mammals b) birds c)amphibians d)fishes e) none of these

xiii) amphioxus belongs to
a)cephalochordata b) hemichordata c)urochordata d) cyclostoma e) none of these

xiv) the urochordates or tunicates are marine animals commonly known as
a)sea cucumber b)sea squirts c) sea urchin d) sea star e) none of these

xv) optic lobes are found in
a)fore brain b) mid brain c) hind brain d) medulla e) none of these

xvi) the number of cervical vertebrae in most mammals is
a)2 b)4 c)9 d) 11 e) none of these

xvii) lymph hearts are absent in
a)fishes b)amphibians c) reptiles d)mammals e) none of these

xviii)the lymph capillaries coming from intestinal villi are called
a) veins b) lymph nodes c) lacteals d) lymph ducts e) none of these

xix)how many caudal vertebrae are found in man?
a)1-2 b)3-4 c)5-6 d)7-8 e) none of these

xx)the inner membrane of the two foetal membranes in reptiles,birds and mammals is called
a) chorion b) amnion c) peritoneum d) pericardium e) none of these

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