Practice Test
2 Prince
3: 1595
4: Stratford on avon
5: Henry VIII (in parts)
6: Of studies
7;After king Charles I’s restoration
8: Sir Richard Steele
9: Pope
10: Allan Ramsey
11:  PARSON ADAMS is a famous character of
a.    Joseph Andrews
b.    History of sir Charles grandson
c.    Pamela
d.    Castle rachrent
12: Henry fielding
13: The heroic couplet
14. age of prose and wisdom
15: The rivals
16: The friend
17: “William Cowper
18: William words worth
19:An era of peace
20: Charles Darwin
21: Cardinal Newman
22: The novel
23: The blank verse
24:  Sketches by boz
25; The mill on the floss
26: George Eliot
27: what is the full name of Oscar Wilde?
a.    Oscar fingal O’ flahertie wills wilde
b.    Oscar doian graywilde
c.    Oscar Robert Louis wilde
d.    Oscar Richard wilde
28: Desperate remedies
29: The return of the native
30: Henry Arthur Jones
31: William Faulkner
32: Ismene
33:  None of these
34. Prospero is the famous character of Shakespeare’s __________?
    a. tempest
    b. Othello
    c. hamlet
    d. king lear
35: Mantua
36: The nurse
37: Rime riche
38: Falling metre
39;Objective correlative
40: Anglo American criticism
41: Susan Kermode

42: Shelly Dryden and mr. eliot
43:  Anti intellectualistic
44: “Hegel
45: Missing the mark
47: Aristotle
48: Stephen gosson
49; Horace
50: A rational and thoughtful horse

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