Tehsildar English Past Papers

Tehsildar English Past Papers

Q1. Write an essay on any one of the following topics. (40 marks)

A. Anti corruption priorities for good governance.
B. Violence in our society.
C. Is democracy a deception in Pakistan?
D. Coming events cast their shadows before.

Q2. Make a precis of the following passage and suggest suitable title:

The fact remains that conversation is a real art and depends like other arts on congenial circumstances and suitable surroundings. People are not apt to believe that, because they have interests in their minds and can put those interests into words. They are equipped for the pretty and delicate game of talk. But a rare admixture of qualities is needed, a subtle conversational effect, a sudden fancy that throws a charming or a bizarre light on a subject, a power of pleasing metaphorical expression, the communication imaginative interest to a familiar topic—all these things are of the nature of instinctive art. I have heard well informed and sensible people talk of a subject in a way that made me feel that I desired never to hear it mentioned again; but I have heard, on the other hand, people talk of matters, which I had believed to be worn thread bare of use. Conversational art depends to a great extent for its sustenance on avowed gratitude of those who enjoy it.

Q3. Translate the following passage into Urdu:

The shadow growing darker and darker over the moor was like heeling over of a boat, which instead of righting itself at the critical moment, turns a little further and then suddenly capsizes. So the light turned and heeled over and went out. The flesh and blood of the world was dead; only the skeleton was left. After a second’s tremendous pause, the light which had died here rose again else where. Never was there such a sense of rejuvenation and recovery. All the convalescences and respites of life seemed rolled into one.

Q4. Translate the following passage into English:

عید الفطر تہذیب و شائستگی کا جشن مسرت ، اسلام کی اعلی اقدار اور اہل ایمان کی عظیم دینی ملی اور تہذیبی روایات کی علامت ہے .یہ مبارک اور پرمسرت روز امت مسلمہ کا مذہبی و ملی تہوار ہے جسے اسلامی تاریخ میں خاص اہمیت حاصل ہے . اس میں اظہار مسرت در حقیقت انسانی فطرت کا تقاضا ہے .دنیائے انسانیت کا کوئی طبقہ اور مذہب ایسا نہیں ہے جن کے ہاں اظہار مسرت کے تہوار اور جشن کے خاص ایام نہ ہوں چناچہ حیات انسانی کے آغاز سے آج تک ہر مذہب و ملت میں پر مسرت تہواروں کا تصور موجود ہے

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