Agriculture MCQS with Answers

Agriculture MCQS
Agriculture MCQS with Answers online free practice test. Pakistan agriculture solved mcqs and questions answers notes pdf.

Ploidy level of maize plant is: Diploid

Dajal is a breed of: Draft animal

Seed cotton means: Seed with lint

Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium provides basis for study of: Population Genetics

Maize plant has its origin in: America

Olericulture is the study dealing with: Vegetable production

Gypsum is a rich source of: Calcium + sulphur

Banana fruit is classified in the category of: Berry

True potato seed is the: Seed developed within the fruit of potato

Eragate are the types of insects which are not specified in the given options.

“CIMMYT” is an organization working for the improvement of: Wheat and maize

In various plant metabolic processes “PPP” stands for: Pentose Phosphate Pathway

Arachnids are the arthropods with: Four pairs of legs

Sericulture means: Rearing silk worms

The cotton species providing main raw material for textile industry is: Gossypium hirsutum

Inbred lines are developed through selection and inbreeding in: Cross-pollinated crops

Safflower is: Oil producing plant

Continuous selfing in cross-pollinated crops results in: Poor performance

Soil structure can be improved with the addition of: Organic matter

Synapsis of chromosomes occurs between: Homologous chromosomes

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