MSc BS Agriculture MCQS Past Papers

Agriculture MCQS
Pak Agriculture MCQS Bank pdf with solved answer key. Agriculture questions practice test.

(i) White revolution refers to the revolution in:
Answer: Milk production
(ii) Organic farming is important because of:
Answer: Toxic-free plants, GMO-free, Eco-friendly, and Healthy for humans
(iii) Which of the following is not a good source of dietary fiber?
Answer: Egg
(iv) The branch of agriculture that deals with rearing of silkworm is called:
Answer: Sericulture
(v) Oryza Sativa is the botanical name of:
Answer: Rice
(vi) Xanthomonas citri is the disease causal organism of citrus.
Answer: Canker
(vii) Cholistani, Kali, Damani, Kachi, and Bibrik are some of the breeds of:
Answer: Camel
(viii) Inflation of mammary glands of milch animals is called:
Answer: Mastitis
(ix) Patoto is an example of:
Answer: Root crop
(x) Tobacco is an example of:
Answer: Zaid Kharif crop
(xi) Peanuts are:
Answer: Legumes
(xii) Which of the following insects is friendly for an organic farmer?
Answer: Mango mealy bug
(xiii) Money maker, Roma, Red top are some of the varieties of:
Answer: Tomato
(xiv) Swollen underground stem; an organ of food storage and propagation is called:
Answer: Tuber
(xv) Plants having soft, non-woody growth are called:
Answer: Herbaceous
(xvi) Removal of exchangeable sodium from the soil is called:
Answer: Desodication
(xvii) Enzymes are biocatalysts, and their nature is:
Answer: Protein
(xviii) Khapra beetle is the pest of:
Answer: Rice, Sorghum, and Barley
(xix) L-113, PR-100, and BL-4 are the varieties of:
Answer: Rice
(xx) Which one of the following is a non-essential amino acid?
Answer: Glutamine

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