All Questions for Interviews

What is immigration office?
What is Law? What is philosophy of Law?
What is Patwari Culture?
What is Police Challan?
What is Provincial Autonomy?
What is Skin effect?
What is the strength of Taliban?
What type of Drugs addicts are there in our society?
What was Aligarh Movement?
When & where the First Olympics held & When & where now?
Where are
Alps Mountains?
Which is City of
Who is Editor Dawn?
Who is Shafqat Mahmood?
Who makes Public policy?
Who was Abdul Salam?
Why CSS Prestigious?
Why Industries not progressing? What should be done?
Pakistan considered Extremist?
You are a DPO and you have to handle protests?
Myanmar Developments
Who is
South Asian Great Mathematician
Bering Strait
Longest River
Suez Canal
Why Bureaucracy has lost its direction
What is Economic Planning
What are the powers of CM
What are the powers of High Court
MFN Status. Should it be given
Iran’s Stance on West
What is Hydrophobia, Xenophobia
What is Provincial Autonomy
What is Micro-financing
Difference between Empowerment & Emancipation
How many States are in UAE
Should Religion be a part of state
Public Private Partnership
Significance of Taliban Talks
What is News of the World Scandal
What is the importance of middle class
What is the Industries
AFP, APP, AP. What does these stand for
Freedom of journalism is hurting state. What is your opinion
What is Sensationalism
Why FDI is low, reason & how to improve it
What are Rabi & Kharif crops
Difference between Stump out & Run out
Importance of Qatar in International Politics
Who was Eintein
What is Acid Base concept
Reko Dik Project significance
Chori chora Incident
Jallian Wala Bagh incident
What is name of UN department dealing with Climate change
What is Enviroment Act
Difference between Law & Jurisprudence
Why Laws are made
What does PEMRA & NEPRA stand for
What is Autonomy
What are Pros & Cons of Devolution
What is START
What is Western Political Thought
What is Western Social Thought
What is Western Economical Thought
What is Thana Functioning
What is Default Judgdment
What does SECP stand for
What was Raymond davis case
What is Geneva convention
Explain NATO
Somalia developments
Why there is Brain Drain in Pakistan
What is Cold War
Pakistan Exports breakdown
Who is Cyril Almeida
What is ABC

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