CSS PMS Interviews Sollution

Q:What is women protection Bill.
Q:What is women role in increasing education.
Q:What reforms should be done in UN.
Q:what should we expect from you?
Q:What were SEATO and CENTO, First 10 years of policy
Q:What were the expectations of people from the government?
Q:Where is
Antartic Ocean. Which oceans meet it.
Q:Where ML was established.
Q:Which constitution was used before 1973.
Q:Which Indian Minister recently refused to appear before the court?
Q:Who is
unna Hazaray?
Q:Who makes Foreign Policy?
Q:Who was Bob Wood Ward
Q:Who were Ali Brothers?
Q:Why bureaucracy is politicized ?
Q:Why do bureaucrats become corrupt?
Q:Why do bureaucrats become politicized?
Q:Why IMF demands currenc devalue.
Q:Why people are moving towards cities.
Q:Why police harsh to the people, how will you improve the behavior?
Q:Will Taliban phenomenon end after American withdrawal?
Q:Won’t it put
Kashmir issue on back foot?
Q:wot happened btwn turkey n
Q:wot would happen if NRO is not solved?
Q:wots da assurity that i will not become corrupt.
Q:wots happening in
Q:WTO Concession to
Q:y css is prestigious.
Q:y i have gone for CSS so late after completing my education?
Q:y public policies are not implemented properly?
Q; Largest Water-fall by height
Can FIR be Oral or Written?
Compare Gwadar with
Dubai – which is better
Difference between Decentralization & Devolution?
Does PM Gillani have immunity?
Duties of Customs Officer?
Duties of DMG Officer?
Economic Feasibility & Financial Feasibility
ECSC Stands for???
Educational Reforms?
Explain CSP to DMG trandformation
Flood Comparison 2010-2011
How many countries are in EU?
How many registers in
How many time zone
America has?
How to check Public Procurement?
How to handle wrongdoers in Bureaucracy?
How will you do conflict resolution in
In which Ghazwa Women Participated?
IRS Structure
Multan Airport renamed?Pakistan Economic ProfilePalestine & Middle East situation?
PIA & Railways – Problem & Solution?
Reforms in Police?
Revenue collection system structure
Slala Attack?
Talks in
Doha & Medina
UN – When made – Reason for making?
Watergate scandal
What are effects of devolution in Education?
What are the problems
Pakistan is facing today?
What are the selection criteria in National Assembly?
What are your views about Difa-i-Pakistan Council?
What are your views about Public Private Partnership?
What improvement should be done in Disaster management?
What is ‘News of the world’ scandal?
What is agriculture growth rate?
What is basic functioning of
What is Biometric Scanning?
What is CCP & PPRA?
What is chamber of commerce?
What is Cricket Scandal?
What is Criminology?
What is Gift?

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