Interview tips for PMS CSS

For a good interview you must full command on following things

  1. Full command on your M.A subject
  2. Full command on your B.A optional subjects 
  3. Aware of current country situations
  4. general knowledge
  5. Pak Studies
  6. Islamic Studies knowledge
  7. Good and clean dress
  8. Mature behavior and talking with panel
  9. Information about duties of post

For more information please visit our interview page. 

CSS Interview who lasted for 20 to 25 minutes:
I entered the room and Saind A.A.the chairman said sit down here gentleman. The panel remained friendly throughout the interview

Chairman said : to ap ny Political Science ur International Relations mein MA kia hai. So during the interview they focus on my master subjects.
Chairman asked me some questions from relating to my education,personal life,home town etc.
Chairman also asked my that why I have selected these two subjects for studies.

Member-1.He saked my questions about us civil war,about Republicans are conservatives
Female Member:Reason of Pakistan energy crisis? Other energy sources? Do you think nuclear energy is
Member 2. On the issue of dams we couldn’t solve our political problems what do you think about that
like kalabagh dam
Member-1: Name the districts in Southern Sindh

Chairman: You are a student of US history, why were people like martin Luther King and John F Kennedy assassinated?

Chairman: Who is your favorite US president?
than why?

Chairman: What did Abraham Lincoln do?

Member-3: How can you say media affects public opinion and foreign policy?

What kind of media did you use?

They originated more questions from discussion
Chairman: Do you think media can instigate wars?
Thank you
Thank you sir.Allah Hafiz


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