Interview Questions

Sample Interview Questions for Preparation
Q: When QA became first time president of ML.
Q: When UAE came into existence.
Q: Where OBL was buried
Q: which continent is
Q: Who is Indian writer , writing for DAWN.
Q: Who is Robert Fifk?
Q: who makes monetary and Fiscal policies?
Q: Who was Bi Amman?
Q: Why Akbar Was successful?
Q: Why are IMF policies bad?
Q: Why are young officers indulging in corruption?
Q: Why barriers on export of Pk in
Q: Why dollar is getting up and down?
Q: Why FIA deals with white collar crimes.
Q: Why QA separated from Cabinet Mission?
Q: Why the
US does not respect our sovereignty?
Q: Why there was nuclear power plant issue?
Q: Women empowerment according to Haqooq e Naswan
Q: women political empowerment ?
Q: World concern on PK nukes.
Q: World over largest telecom service provider.
Q: Judicial Activism, Is it true or false?
Q: Nuclear Proliferation?
Q: What is Flight of Capital
Angel fall in Venzuella, Guaira fall in Brazil and Pargue from flow of water.
Q: what is difference between Public Administration and public Management? (My optional)
Q: what is
Pakistan‘s budget defect? Allocations?
Q: What is the black hole of
Q:18th Amendment role in provincial autonomy.
Q:A doctor from
Islamabad whose name has been recently entered into
Q:Abt previous jobs?
Q:Aman ki asha Trak 2 diplomacy
Q:Are we supposed to cooperate with the
US on the NATO issue?
Q:ATT: Afghan transit trade
Q:Big Bang Theory?
Q:Branches of Police?
Q:Christina lamb and another journalist.
Q:Climber who climbed seven peaks
Q:Cognizable and Non cognizable offenses
QDifference between WEF and WSF.
QDMG Structure?
QDo you think
Pakistan‘s nuclear assets are in safe hands? (A report came yesterday about it so that’s why he asked this question)
East China sea, its sea ports and importance?
Q:effects of depreciation of currency?
Q:Effects of glacier melting?
Q:EU and Its members
Q:Euro Debt Crisis.
Q:Factors behind Coalition Governmet?
Q:FMCT: The Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty (FMCT) is a proposed international treaty to prohibit the further production of fissilematerial for nuclear weapons or other explosive devices
Q:Ghadar Movement
Q:He asked arab happenigs..
Q:He asked embeded jounalism.
Q:HE asked recent in
Q:Heirichery of revenue collection system?
Q:How can corruption be eradicated?
Q:How drug use can be controlled in students
Q:How long?
Q:How many Martial Laws in
Q:How many plates and faults?
Q:How many sea ports in
Pakistan and where. How much handling of Karachi sea port.
Q:How much are should be under forest?
Russia is emerging?
Q:How to improve it?
Q:how to tell them to respect our sovereignty?
Q:if president has immunity then y shud he go to court?
Q:Importance of Mohmand Agency
Q:Imran Khan, his popularity,his slogan of change, old faces.
Q:Iran-china-US triangle?

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