important questions for pms interview

Q: Affect of advertising on public.
Q: Agriculture universities in
Q: Aligarh Movement.
Q: Are talks the solution to taliban issue?
Q: aren’t you giving validation to his earlier remarks about ISI and Military?
Q: Artic ocean
Q: Article 6 , How amended?
Q: Avalaunch?
Q: Baba Guru Nanak?
Baluchistan Issue.
Q: Being an Engineer, what inspires you towards CSS?
Q: Bhagat Singh?
Q: Brief description of your district.
Q: British and
France Channel
Q: Burmuda Triangle
Q: Can we ask for a better role from the Madrassas?
Carribean Sea?
Q: Chief organ of UNO
Q: Constraints in the revival of economy.
Q: Crime prevention and crime occurrence relationship
Q: Crisis in
Ireland and Greece?
Q: Deserts of the world
Q: Devolution in Education?
Q: Difference between Embargo and Sanction.
Q: Difference between Embassy and High Comission?
Q: DNA Test?
Q: Do you think
Iran can withstand the pressure of west?
Q: Don’t you think
Iran should take some reconciliatory measures to decrease the tension?
Q: Don’t you think Talibans were knocking at
Islamabad‘s door when Pakistan decided to join war on terror?
Q: Earth quake magnitude in Bangla Desh?
Q: Econmy of
Turkey , how they achieved it.
Q: Education policy, its flaws and challenges
Q: Effects of deforestation
Egypt Situation
Q: Eurozone, how will collapse ?
Q: Food Insecurity in
Q: Four famous journalists of
Pakistan after emergence of Pakistan.
Q: Gawantanomabay Prison?
Q: Good Public policy
Q: Hamas and Al Fatah?
Q: Has media commercialized.
Q: Hindu freedom fighter Ram Muhammad Singh, when and where executed
Q: How Can we solve Kashmir Issue

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