important questions for css interview

Q. You are an engineer why CSS.
Q Why civil servants indulge in Luxuries?
Q. Any other country with the same record?
Q. Can punishment be given during or before impeachment?
Q. Do you think media is the fourth pillar of State?
Q. How it is done?
Q. Is it a process or a Penalty?
Q. Should
Pakistan restore NATO supply Lines?
Q. Tell me about the historical importance of Eiffel tower?
Q. What are the functions of DMG?
Q. What are the sources of Muslim Law?
Q. What are the water disputes between
India and Pakistan?
Q. What are they famous for?
Q. What in your opinion is the role of Intelligence Agencies?
Q. What in your opinion will be the final result of Memo Scandal?
Q. What is Continental Shelf?
Q. What is meant by Impeachment?
Q. What is Media Trial?
Q. What is Memo case. In your opinion is it true or not?
Q. What is your opinion about Madressahs?
Q. What is your opinion about the role of religion in state?
Q. Where are the grand canyons located? (Geography)
Q. Which country has the bad track record of journalists killing?
Q. Who is the Authority to control media?
Q. Why people of
Pakistan are inclined towards moral degradation?
Q. What is the reason of growing extremism in the people of
Q.FATA and What is FCR?
Q.How media can be controlled?
Q: 1973 administrative reforms.
Q: Aboriginal where?

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