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GK About Computer Part-1

What does CPU stand for?

Answer: CPU stands for “Central Processing Unit”.

Define the primary function of an operating system?

Answer: To manage computer hardware and software resources and provide a user interface.

Define the purpose of RAM in a computer?

Answer: RAM ( Random Access Memory ) is used to temporarily store data that the CPU needs to access quickly.

Exlain the difference between hardware and software?

Answer: Hardware reffers to physical components of a computer, while software reffers to programs and data that run on a computer.

What is a motherboard?

Answer: The main circuit board of a computer that connects and allows communication between various hardware components.

What is a file extension?

Answer: A file extension is a suffix added to the end of a filename, indicating the file type or format.

What is a browser?

Answer: A browser is a software application used to access and view websites on the internet.

What is a virus in the context of computers?

Answer: A virus is a malicious software program that can replicate itself and infect other computer files, causing damage or stealing information.

What is a URL?

Answer: URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator, which is the address used to access a resource on the internet, such as a website.

What is a firewall?

Answer: A firewall is a security measure that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic to protect a computer or network from unauthorized access or threats.

Explain the main purpose of a spreadsheet program?

Answer: A spreadsheet program allows users to organize and manipulate numerical data using rows, columns, and formulas.

What is cloud computing?

Answer: Cloud computing refers to the delivery of computing services (such as storage, processing power, and software) over the internet, rather than on a local computer or server.

What is the function of an input device?

Answer: An input device is used to enter data or commands into a computer. Examples include a keyboard, mouse, and microphone.

What is a backup?

Answer: A backup is a copy of important data or files created to prevent data loss in case of system failure, accidental deletion, or other issues.

What is a URL shortener?

Answer: A URL shortener is a service that takes a long URL and creates a shorter, more manageable link that redirects to the original URL.

Explain the purpose of an antivirus software?

Answer: Antivirus software is designed to detect, prevent, and remove malicious software (such as viruses, worms, and trojans) from a computer system.

Explain the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

Answer: HTTP ( Hypertext Transfer Protocol ) is the protocol used for transmitting data between a web browser and a website, while HTTPS ( HTTP Secure ) is a secure version of HTTP that encrypts the data being transmitted.

What is a browser cache?

Answer: A browser cache is a temporary storage area on a computer or device where web page elements (such as images, scripts, and stylesheets) are stored to improve website loading times.

Explain is the purpose of a graphics card?

Answer: A graphics card is responsible for rendering and displaying visual information, such as images and videos, on a computer monitor.

What is a cookie in the context of web browsing?

Answer: A cookie is a small text file stored on a user’s computer by a website, containing information such as user preferences, login credentials, or browsing activity data.

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