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Teacher Test Preparation MCQS related to basic Computer Questions with answers general knowledge. Basic gk about computer.

How many bits make one byte?

Answer: 8 bits.

Is Google a browser or a search engine?

Answer: Google is a search engine.

Is a printer an example of an input or output device?

Answer: Printer.

RAM stands for?

Answer: Random Access Memory.

Founder of Facebook is?

Answer: Mark Zuckerberg.

Which electronic component was used in the first generation of computers?

Answer: Vacuum tubes.

Which component in a computer performs mathematical and logical functions?

Answer: Central Processing Unit (CPU).

What are attempts to obtain confidential information by falsifying identity called?

Answer: Phishing scams.

The programmer of the MS-DOS operating system is?

Answer: Bill Gates.

What is the first program that runs on a computer during boot-up called?

Answer: Operating System.

Why do cache and main memory lose their contents when the power is off?

Answer: They are volatile.

VIRUS stands for?

Answer: Vital Information Resource Under Seize.

What is the process of transferring files from the Internet to your computer called?

Answer: Downloading.

What is the process of transferring files from your computer to the Internet called?

Answer: Uploading.

What is buying and selling products and services over the Internet called?

Answer: E-commerce.

How many bytes are in one kilobyte?

Answer: 1024 bytes.

Who is known as the Father of Computer?

Answer: Charles Babbage.

Who built the first Mechanical Calculator?

Answer: Blaise Pascal.

What is the transaction called when you purchase a product over a mobile phone?

Answer: M-commerce.

Are keyboard, mouse, and joystick examples of input or output devices?

Answer: Input devices.

What is the address given to a computer connected to a network called?

Answer: IP address.

What is the name of the software that allows us to browse web pages?

Answer: Browser.

Who is the founder of Oracle Corporation?

Answer: Lawrence J. Ellison.

Which technology is used in a CD-ROM drive?

Answer: Optical technology.

What is a program called that translates high-level language to machine-level language?

Answer: Compiler.    Read also: Basic Computer gk questions answers

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