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Computer GK Questions with Answers. Compter gk basic knowledge. General knowledge about computer. Computer gk mock test free

HTML stands for?

HTML stands for Hyper text Markup Language.

Explain HDD?

A hard disk drive ( HDD ) is a storage device that stores and retrieves digital data using magnetic storage and spinning disks.

GUI Stands for?

The term GUI stands for “Graphical User Interface”.

A mouse pad provides a smooth surface for a computer mouse to move on, enhancing accuracy and reducing friction.

Explain the difference between software and firmware?

Answer: Software refers to programs and data that can be modified or updated, while firmware is software stored in read-only memory (ROM) that provides permanent instructions for hardware devices.

Explain the function of a power supply unit (PSU)?

Answer: A power supply unit provides electrical power to a computer or device, converting AC power from an outlet into DC power needed by the computer’s components.

What is the purpose of a cursor control key?

Answer: Cursor control keys, such as the arrow keys on a keyboard, are used to move the cursor or highlight / select text or objects on a computer screen.

What are the two main categories of software?


1-System software ( e.g., operating systems ) 

2-application software ( e.g., word processors, web browsers ).

Explain the role of an operating system?

Answer: An operating system manages computer hardware and software resources, provides a user interface, and enables the execution of programs.

What is the motherboard?

Answer: The motherboard is the main circuit board of a computer that connects and allows communication between various hardware components.

Which part of computer is called the brain of the computer?

Answer: The CPU stands for Central Processing Unit  is also called the “brain” of a computer.

What is an input device?

Answer: An input device is used to enter data or commands into a computer. Examples include a keyboard, mouse, and microphone.

What is input in the context of computers?

Answer: Input refers to the data or commands entered into a computer system through input devices.

What is output in the context of computers?

Answer: Output refers to the processed data or information produced by a computer system and displayed or provided through output devices.

What is a printer?

Answer: A printer is an output device that produces a physical copy (hard copy) of data or information on paper.

What is a monitor?

Answer: A monitor is an output device that displays outputs from a computer, like text, images, and videos.

What is a scanner?

Answer: A scanner is an input device that captures and converts physical documents or images into digital form for computer processing.

What is a speaker?

Answer: A speaker is an output device that produces sound, allowing users to hear audio generated by a computer.

What is a barcode reader?

Answer: A barcode reader is an input device that scans and decodes barcodes, providing information about products, inventory, or other encoded data.

What is a joystick?

Answer: A joystick is an input device used for controlling movement or actions in computer games or simulations.

What is a projector?

Answer: A projector is an output device that displays visual output from a computer on a larger screen or surface, often used for presentations or entertainment purposes.  Read also: Computer quiz questions answers

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