Everyday Science MCQs Past Papers

Everyday Science MCQs
07. Fat is stored in human body in ——-
Ans Adipose tissue

08. Sterility is caused due to the deficiency of Vitamin —–
Ans E

09. Anemia causes the loss of
Ans Memory

10. The acid that helps in digestion is
Ans Acetic acid

11. The deficiency of which Vitamin causes Scurvy ?
Ans C

12. In cod liver oil , u can find the maximum content of
Ans Vitamins

13. The most common cause of water pollution in pakistan is
Ans Sewage

14. Main cause of blindness in pakistan is
Ans Cataract

15. The patient of cataract will be operated on which part of the eye ?
Ans Cornea

16. The average time needed for blood clotting is
Ans 4 min

17. Electrocardiograph is an instrument used in the study of
Ans Heary

18. Bile is secreted by
Ans Liver

19. Which of the following diseases are water-borne ?
Ans Thphoid and Cholera

20. The rich source of iron is
Ans Green vegetables

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