Everyday Science Quiz Questions with Answers

Everyday Science MCQs
21. Soap and detergents remove the dirt from clothes due to
Ans Osmosis

22. Wave length of Ultra violet light is
Ans 5500 A

23. The green colour of water in a lake is due to
Ans Excessive growth of sea weeds

24. 14 carat gold means
Ans An alloy containing 14 parts of gold and 10 parts of copper

25. The stars are not visible in the day time because
Ans of sun`s brightness during day time

01. ” Biopsy ” is ——–
Ans Medical diagnosis technique using cells and tissues

02. In typhoid, which of the following drugs is administered?
Ans Chloromcetin

03. Hypochondria is a ———
Ans State of morbid anxiety about one`s health with complaint of imaginary disorders.

04. Aspirin is a ———
Ans Pain reliever

05. The message received by and transmitted from the brain to various parts of the body take form of
Ans Nervous impulses

06. Hormones, which are necessary for the development of human body , are secreted by
Ans Pituitary gland

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