Everyday Science Solved MCQs for PMS

Everyday Science MCQs
1. What is the approxiate mean distance that separates the sun from the earth?
Ans 1480,00,000 kms

2. The outer surface of the sun is called ?
Ans Photosphere

3. Which planet has the maximum number of satellites?
Ans Jupiter

4. What is a light year?
Ans The distance travelled by light in 01 year.

5. What are Red Giants?
Ans Stars which appear red because of their consuming a portion of their hydrogen.

6. What are asteriods?
Ans Very small planet revolving around the sun

7. What is the temperature at the centre of the sun?
Ans 20 million k

8. The phase of moon are partially the result of the ?
Ans Revolution of the moon about the earth

9. Constellations referred to as Zodiac are ?
Ans Imaginary region that encompass the path of the planets

10. The height of a geo-stationary satellite from the surface of the earth is about ?
Ans 3600 km

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