Everyday Science Tests

Everyday Science MCQs
11. The purest form of water is obtained from
Ans Heavy rains

12. Diamond and Emerald contain
Ans Carbon and silicon
13. Cloudy nights are warmer than clear nights due to
Ans Prevention of heat radiated out by the earth from escaping into the sky

14. Which of the following semi-conductor ?
Ans Copper

15. As one climbs up the Mount Everest, one experiences difficulty in breathing due to
a. Low content of nitrogen
b. Low content of oxygen
c. High content of carbon dioxide
Ans None of above

16. A camera forms
Ans Real but inverted images

17. The gas used in Soda water is
Ans Carbon dioxide

18. A red flower placed in green light appears
Ans black

19. The metal used in storage batteries is
Ans Lead

20. A instrument used to detect the presence of a current in a circuit is called
Ans Ammeter

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