Indo Pak History MCQs Papers for CSS PMS NTS Tests

History MCQs

i. Muhammad bin Qasim appointed …… his advisor.
Ans. Sisakar.

ii. Indian Mathematics was translated into Arabic by:
Ans. Khuwarizmi.

iii. Title of Yamin-ud-Daula was conferred upon…….by the Caliph of Baghdad.
Ans. Mahmud Ghaznavi.

iv. Balban ruled as Sultan for……years.
Ans. 21 years.

v. Ghiyas Taghluq ordered…… leave Delhi.
Ans. Nizam-ud-Din Auliya.

vi. Fawaid-ul-Fuwad was written by:
Ans. Amir Hassan.

vii. Old name of Pakpatan was:
Ans. Ajudhan.

viii. Agra was built in the year:
Ans. 1504.

ix. Khan-e-Shaheed was killed in the year:
a. 1185 b. 1285 c. 1385 d. None of these.
Ans. 1285.

x. The tomb of Babur is situated at:
Ans. Kabul.

xi. Akbar was born at:
Ans. Umar Kot.

xii. Rohtas Fort was built under the supervision of:
Ans. d. None of these..

xiii. The Second Battle of Panipat was fought in the year:
Ans. 1556.

xiv. The author of “Safinat-ul-Auliya” was:
Ans. Dara Shikoh.

xv. Buland Darwaza was built by:
a. Sher Shah b. Shahjehan c. Aurangzeb d. None of these.
d. None of these.

xvi. Jehangir was born in the year:
Ans. 1569.

xvii. Lahore Fort was built by:
Ans. d. None of these..

xviii. Mumtaz Mahal gave birth to……..children.

Ans. 14.

xix. Aurangzeb died in the year:
a. 1690 b. 1707 c. 1710 d. None of these.
Ans. 1707 .

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