KPPSC Geography Past Papers

Geography Papers PMS 2013

Geography : PAPER I

Note: Attempt any 5 Questions

Q. 1. Write an essay on the Radiation Balance?

Q. 2. What are the causes of Atmospheric Circulation? Also explain the large scale wind systems?

Q.3. Define Rocks and Minerals? Discuss the circumstances under which sedimentary rocks are formed?

Q. 4. Discuss the factors in promoting mass movements in weathered materials? Also explain the various types of mass movements and the circumstances under which they usually occur?

Q. 5. Describe the currents of the Pacific Ocean?

Q. 6. Write a note on the salinity of the Ocean Water?

Q.7. What are Map Projections? Give merits and demerits of Cylindrical Projections?

Geography : PAPER I

Note: Attempt any 5 Questions

Q. 1. What is Economic Geography? Present a comparative survey of the secondary and tertiary activities of the world with example of various occupations?

Q. 2. “A number of industrialized economies are located in the West.” Discuss. Examine the implications of Weber’s model of industrial location with example.

Q. 3. Discuss the methods of conservation of raw material resources. Critically evaluate the potential for large scale development of the alternative energy sources of the world.

Q. 4. Differentiate between intensive and extensive agriculture. Explain in detail the word agriculture under the heading of specializations, systems and problems.

Q. 5. Elaborate the pioneer settlement Pattern. “The pattern of settlement that characterizes human use of the earth is strongly related to the migration of Populations.” Discuss.

Q. 6. To what extent can the major features of the world population distribution be understood in terms of the physical environment? Explain critically the Malthusian theory of population.

Q. 7. Highlight the patterns of Foreign Trade of Pakistan. Through time, what major changes have taken place in the exports and imports of the country?

Q. 8. Write comprehensive notes on any TWO of the following.
a) Christaller’s Central Place theory
b) Urbanization
c) Man Environment Relationship
d) Major Geographic qualities of South Asia

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