KPPSC Law Past Papers

Constitutional Law Paper

Attempt any five questions.

1. The directive princples of state policy (principles of policy) confer no legal rights and create no legal remedies. Explain the significance of principles of policy in the constitution of pakistan.

2. Are you in favour or oppos to revive Article 58(2)b in the constitution? Support your arguments by the cases decided by the courts.

3. Explain the concept of “Sovereignty of Parliament”? What are limitations on the sovereignty of British Parliament? Explain.

4. “The British Constitution is unwritten”. Do you agree? Explain your answer by citing examples.

5. Describe the provision of personal rights in the constitution of Soviet Union. How far they have proved effective in practice?

6. How does the principle of check and balance work in the relations between U.S President and Congress?

7. “The Indian Constitution is federal in form but unitary in spirit”. Do you agree with this statement? Give reasons.

Mercantile Law Paper
Ques 1: “Contract without consideration is void”, what are the exceptions to this rule? Discuss in detail.

Ques 2: Under what circumstances parties have legal rights and duties enforceable by law even without making a formal contract under the provision of Contract Act 1872?

Ques 3: How shares in a company registered under companies ordinance, can be transferred? Discuss the law and procedure on the subject.

Ques 4: Can a statement in lieu of prospectus be filed? If yes, under what circumstances?

Ques 5: What are implied authorities of a partner? What matters have been specifically excluded from such authority?

Ques 6: Define and distinguish between condition and warranty. When a condition decends to the level of warranty?

Ques 7: What are special rules of evidence for negotiable instruments?

Ques 8: Settlement of dispute under Arbitration Act is one of the best way to clear pendency of suits in civil courts. Do you agree? Discuss in detail.

Muslim Law and Jurisprudence Paper

Ques 1: Write a comprehensive note on the periods of the growth of the Islamic Legal System.

Ques 2: “Analogy (Qiyas) is one of the fundamental sources of Islamic LAw”. Comment.

Ques 3: Define “Legal Capacity” and discuss the factors which affect it.

Ques 4: What are the grounds provided for a wife to obtain a decree for dissolution of her marriage, according to the dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act 1939?

Ques 5: “Are the Islamic Laws a combination of Rigid and Flexible Laws”? Comment.

Ques 6: Write detailed note on “Waqf” according to Muslim Personal Law.

Ques 7: What are the grounds of deprivation from Inheritance according to Sunni and Shia Laws of Inheritance?

Ques 8: Write short notes on the following:

(a) Modes of Marraige
(b) Zihar
(c) Mubarat
(d) Acknowledgement of paternity.

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