KPPSC PMS Sociology Papers


Paper 2013 : SOCIOLOGY
Time Allowed: 03 Hours
Max. Marks : 100

Note: Attempt any Five questions from the following. All questions carry equal marks.(20 Each)

QNO.1 : Discuss the contribution of IBNE KHALDUN in the field of Sociology.

QNO.2 : How do sociologist define socialisation? What is the impotance of Biological and Cultural Factors in Socialisation Procees?

QNO.3 : Explain Social Research. How would you distinguish between Social Reasearch and Social Survey?

QNO.4 : What do you understand by Social Mobility? Is there more Social Mobility in Urban Society than in Rural Society? Give arguments in support of your answer keeping in perspective Pakistani Society.

QNO.5 : Define Social Change. What is the relationship between Economic Development and Social Change? Illustrate this relationship with specific reference to Pakistan.

QNO.6 : Explain in detail Ethnocentrism. What are some of its forms in Pakista? How can Ethnocentrism be checked in Pakistan? Discuss.

QNO.7 : What is meant by Over Population of a country? Is Pakistan Over poplulated? If so, what effective measures would you suggest for checking the further growth of Population.?

Sociology paper 2003: Marks=150 time=3hours.

Note: Answer any FIVE Questions.All Questions carry equal marks.
Q1) Define Culture and sub-culture. Discuss assimilation of cultures in the light of modern modes of communication.

Q2) Differentiate between Sociology and Psychology. Explain the possible role of Sociology in the context of increasing ethnic divisions in Pakistani Society.

Q3) What are Social values? Discuss the importance of Social values towards the formulation of laws in the country.

Q4) Define Social Institution and Social Change.Discuss the role of Institution of religion towards controlling Social Change.

Q5) Growing socio-economic inequality has become a major social problem in Pakistan. Write some of the major measures to minimize poverty in Pakistan.

Q6)What is crime? Discuss the trends and major dynamics of crime in Pakistan.

Q7) Write a comprehensive note on population growth and its relationship with socio-economic development in Pakistan.

Q8) Write short notes on any four of the followings:
a) International Migration
b) Social movements
c) Culture Norms
d) Family as a social Institution
e) Social ecology

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