MCQS of History for Competitive Examinations

History MCQs

i. Bombay came to British possession through.
Ans. Dowry.

ii. Haileybury College is known for training of the Indian:
Ans. Civil Service.

iii. The High Courts in Indian were established under the Act of:
Ans. 1861.

iv. Bee Amma’s real name was:
Ans. Abida Bano.

v. Quaid-e-Azam visited NWFP in his life time:
Ans. Twice.

vi. Bande Mathram was composed in:
Ans. Bengal.

vii. Raja Sahib of Mahmudabad’s actual name was:
Ans. Amir Ahmad.

viii. Muslim League Government in Balochistan was formed in:
a. 1940 b. 1942 c. 1945 d. None of these.
Ans. d. None of these.

ix. Pirpur Committee report appeared in:
a. 1936 b. 1940 c. 1942 d. None of these.
Ans. d. None of these.

x. Ataullah Shah Bukhari was the founder of:
Ans. Chattan Magazine.

xi. Anglo-Sikh war concluded in 1849 at:
Ans. Lahore.

xii. Who was the president of Muslim League in 1932?
Ans. Aziz Ahmad.

xiii. Chaudry Rehmat Ali was a student at Cambridge’s college called:
Ans. Trinity.

xiv. Mahatma Gandhi returned to India in:
Ans. 1915.

xv. Afghanistan was ruled in 1947 by:
a. Amanullah b. Sardar Daud c. Zahir Shah d. None of these.
Ans. d. None of these.

xvi. The Prime Minister of England during the Round Table Conference was:
a. George Canning b. Gladstone c. Disraeli d. None of these.
Ans. d. None of these.

xvii. The Chief Minister of Punjab in 1940 was:
Ans. Sikandar Hayat.

xviii. NWFP got the status of the Governor’s province in:
Ans. 1937.

xix. First Chief Minister of Sindh was:
a. Abdullah Haroon c. Ayyub Khuro c. Syed Mehdi c. None of these.
Ans. d. None of these.

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