Notes of Pakistan Studies 9th Class in English


Pakistan came into existence 0n 14 august 1947.

War of independence was fought in the year 1858.

Five arkan e islam are tauheed & risalat, Namaz,Roza,Zakat,Haj

Urdu Hindi controversy was started in 1867 from banarus.

Now or Never was issued by Ch.Rehmat Ali in 1933 in which name of Pakistan was proposed first time.

Pakistan Resolution is also called Lahore resolution was passed on 23 march 1940,it was presented by Mulvi fazal Haq from Bengal.

Allahabad Address in 1930 by Allama Iqbal

Quaid e Azam inaugurated state bank of pakistan on first july 1948.

Sindh muslim league passed division resolution in 1938.

Cripps Mission—1942

Jinnah Gandhi talks—-1944

C.R Formula——–1944

Shimla Conference—-1945

General elections—-1945-46

Muslim League members convention in Delhi in 1946.

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