Pakistan Studies Objective Notes for 9th Class


Cabinet Mission Plan—-1946

Congress formed in 1885 by A.O Hume

Muslim League formed in 1906 at Dhaka.

Quid e Azam Born on 25 december 1876,died on 11sep 1948 was first governor general of pakistan for 13 months. He joined Muslim league 1n 1913.

Lukhnow Pact—-1916

Fourteen Points—-1929

Nehru Report—-1928

Congress Ministries formed in—-1937 and dissolved in 1939.

Liaqat ali khan was first Prime Minister of Pakistan was born in karnal in 1896 and died in rawalpindi on 16 October 1951.He visited USA in 1950.Liaqat

Nehro Pact signed in 1950.

Objective resolution presented by Liaqat ali khan.

Objective resolution passed on 12 march 1949.

Area of Pakistan is 796096

Population is 17 karor 71 lakh

China is in north of pakistan while iran and afghanistan is in west,india is in east and arabian sea is in south.

K-2 peak height is 8611m

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