1). Sir syed ahmed khan advocated the inclusion of Indians in Legislative Council in his famous book, Causes of the Indian Revolt, as early as:

b) 1860

2). Who repeatedly refers to Sir Syed as Father of Muslim India and Father of Modern Muslim India:

a) Hali

3). Military strength of East India Company and the Financial Support of Jaggat Seth of Murshidabad gave birth to events at:

a) Plassey

4). Clive in one of his Gazettes made it mandatory that no Muslim shall be given an employment higher than that of chaprasy or a junior clerk has recorded by:

b) Hasan Isphani

5). The renowned author of the Spirit of Islam and a Short History of the Saracens was:

( Syed Ameer Ali)

6). Nawab Sir Salimullah Khan was President of Bengal Musilm Leage in:


7). The first issue of Maualana Abul Kalam Azads ‘Al Hilal’ came out on 13 July:

a) 1912

8). At the annual session of Anjuman Hamayat Islam in 1911 Iqbal’s poem was recited, poetically called:

b) Shikwa

9). Sir sultan Muhammad shah, the agha khan headed the historic simla deputation which successfully presented Muslim demands on 01, October 1906 before:

c) lord Minto

10). Quaid-i-Azam said in an interview on any hope of India and Pakistan coming to a peaceful settlement ‘provided the Indian government shed the superiority complex and deal with Pakistan on an equal footing given to special correspondent from:

c) Switzerland

11). Which are the aligned years in Pakistan’s foreign policy:

b) 1954-1962

12). Zia established a course for Pakistan that enabled the government to manage a complex:

a) Foreign policy

13). In the hindu kush mountains all passes connect Pakistan with:

b) Afghanistan

14). The Hasni tribe is settled in:

b) Western Balochistan[/b]

15). Rechna and Bari Doabs are considered:

a) Thickly populated region

16). In connection with land reforms the Punjab tenancy act was passed in:

b) 1887

17). Excavations at moenjo daro have revealed in earthen vessels:

a) Millet grains
b) Lentills
c) Rice grains
d) None of these

18). Kalabagh iron deposits are largest in Pakistan with an estimated reserve of:

a) 309 m tons

19). Cotton textile the largest industry of Pakistan employ industrial labour force of magnitude of ?


20). The emergence of Gwadar port and its development has promoted :

b) Urban-urban migration

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