Public Administration
(1) Who has defined Public Administration as a detailed and systematic application of law? Every particular application of law is an act administration:
(a) L.D. White
(b) Woodro Wilson
(C) Pfiffner
(d) Luther Guilik
(e) None of these

(2) What is another view of the scope of POSDCORB study of public Administration in modern times?
(a) Subject matter view of Public AD.
(b) principles view of P.Ad
(c) Process view of P. Ad
(d) Coordination view of P.Ad
(e)none of these

(3) The Human-relation approach was the result of over-emphasized the character of scientific – movement approach. Name the leader of this approach:
(a) Max-Weber
(b) Elton Mayo
(c) F.J Taylor
(d) Roehthlisborge
(e)none of these

(4) The bureaucracy has been defined as a system of administartion characterised by expertnes, impartiality and abscence of humanity. who idefined this.
(a) Charles Kannady
(b) Max-weber
(c) Braibanti Ralph
(d) Peter M . Blau
(e)none of these

(5) What do u assess the status of bureaucracy under devolution plan-2000? whether they have become?
(a) Reformer.
(b) Pariah
(c) more responsible
(d) more nationalist
(e)none of these

(6) The system-theory is mostly applied in militry operations because:

(a) it is most objective
(b) it has many alternetives
(c) it is less costly
(d) it has many major policy alternatives
(e) none of these

(7) The charismatic leadership whose authority has a legitimacy based on charismatic grounds. Do u think it is suitable in pakistan on following grounds:
(a) Social – relation grounds
(b) political grounds
(c)Larger mission grounds
(d)organizational grounds

(8) There r many bases of administrative leadership, u select one more suitable:
(a) more appropriate base
(b)political base
(c)economic base
(d)dynamic base
(e) institutional base

(9) in ur view which is the best way of tackling administrative complaints:
(a) By judiciary
(b)By legislature
(c) By people representation
(d) By professional bodies

(10) In the best interest of country, what types of planning is more suitable and appropriate:
(a) Participative
(b) Physical
(c) Social
(d) Economic
(e) None

(11) there are many theories of organization bt all have been classified in two. which theory u consider viable in present era?
(a) Human relation theory
(b) Mechanistic theory
(c) Behavioural theory
(d) communication theory
(e) None

(12) The units of organization r divided into line unit and staff unitaccording to their functions. u name the units accordingly:
(a) Advisory
(b) legislative
(c) judicial
(d) executive
(e) none

(13)`the folowing r the foundations of modeern personal system. which system u perfered most:
(a) tenure system
(b)merit system
(c) public service as a career
(d) system of position classification

(14) there r many sources of coordination and control which r mentioned blow. which source u consider more viable?
(a) human attributes
(b)function differentiation
(d)delegation of authority

(15) the proper continuity of communication system in public adminisrating is a serious problem. u point out which hindrance blow must be removed first?
(a) language difficulty
(b) frame of mind
(c) status distance
(d) geographical distance
(e) none

(16) you point out correct on in the following:
(a) Deficit-financing is boon in developing countries
(b) Deficit-financing is curse in the developing countries
(c) Deficit-budgeting is a boon in the developing countries
(d)Deficit-budgeting is a curse in the developing countries

(17) U tick out the correct one machinery which is most effective in financial admn.
(b)the central department concernrd with financial Admn.
(c)principal financial officers in the administratve deptt.
(d)audit organization

(18) the oral and written communication of individual is mentioned in the following. u mark out the most effective communication.
(a) discretion of the individual
(b) individual skills
(c) individual intelligence
(d) personal contacts
(e) none

(19) the followings r some administrative changes r made made under administrative reform-1972. u point out the most sustainable change in it:
(a) reorganization of secretariate and depertmentsl structure
(b) eradication of corruption
(c) steam lining of disciplinary procedure
(d) reorganization of system retirement
(e) none

(20) point out the most important defect in public bureaucracy of Pakistan. some are given below:
(a) Exploitive
(b) Aggrandizing
(c) corrupt
(d) most priviledged

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